"I think a lot of people have this idea that they don't have any ideas. But if you think for a little bit, you'll get an idea, and then from there, you'll come up with more ideas."

Hi, I'm Jeff Tobias. I'm a multi-

instrumentalist/composer and


As a saxophonist, bass guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist, I've worked in groups as a main musical contributor (We Versus the Shark, Pegasuses-XL, Nutritional Peace, Sunwatchers), as well as in a "sideman" capacity (Dark Meat, Quiet Hooves, Mouser, Bubbly Mommy Gun, NYMPH, ellen o, Arthur Doyle, David First, KATIEE and many others). My music has been heard on NPR (RadioLab, All Songs Considered, Here & Now), WFMU (The Airborne Event, Liz Berg) and in a video game (Tony Hawk Pro Skater). My groups have been written about in Pitchfork, AV Club, Alternative Press, NPR's Monitor Mix and elsewhere. I hold a degree in music composition from Brooklyn College, where I studied composition with Tania Leon, Jason Eckardt, Doug Geers and Doug Cohen. I also studied saxophone performance at BC with JD Parran. A full list of my composed works can be found here.

As a freelance writer, I've contributed to publications including Flagpole Magazine, Creative Loafing Atlanta,, the Brooklyn Rail, Athens Food & Culture, SonicBids,, Under the Volcano and others. Some of my writing has been collected here.

I like jumping into big, ambitious, sprawling projects for their own sake. Two particularly exciting projects I've worked on in the past include a "rock lotto" benefit series called Athens Face/off, and a video/performance art piece called Halloween Live. Like everyone else in DIY, I've booked shows sporadically.

The point of me telling you all this is so I can continue to engage in work that is exciting, inclusive and challenging. If you are doing something exciting and I can help, click on the words that make up my e-mail address below and get in touch.


jefftobias [at]