"I think a lot of people have this idea that they don't have any ideas. But if you think for a little bit, you'll get an idea, and then from there, you'll come up with more ideas."

Jeff Tobias is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and writer who has been an active part of the American DIY community since 2003.

His main creative activities include contributing alto saxophone and keys to the punk/drone/jazz group Sunwatchers (Castle Face Records) and playing bass guitar in the “rock instrument music” ensemble Reps. He has performed and recorded with artists including Katie Eastburn, Matana Roberts, David First, Arthur Doyle, Eugene Chadbourne, and many others. To date, he has contributed to over fifty physically released recordings, all while habitually touring throughout North America.

He holds a degree in music composition from Brooklyn College, where he studied composition with Tania Leon, Jason Eckardt, Doug Geers and Doug Cohen. He also studied saxophone performance at BC with JD Parran. A full list of his composed works can be found here.

He has written about music and politics for outlets including the Brooklyn Rail, Flagpole Magazine, Creative Loafing (ATL), and others.

jefftobias [at]