Sunwatchers - Sun Worship CD - alto saxophone

Joe Sidney - King of the First Date cassette - saxophones, backup vocals, keyboards, bass clarinet, flute practice

CSC Funk Band - Above the Starrs LP/CD (Electric Cowbell) - alto saxophone

Dave Ruder - Qualms Rectified CD/tape (Gold Bolus) - bass guitar

Andrew Savage - Thawing Dawn LP (Dull Tools) - alto saxophone

Chotto Ghetto - Monstro (Quote Unquote) - alto saxophone

Michael Potter - Garden Portal Almanac cassette (Already Dead) - alto saxophone

President of the Drums - Happy Birthday to Everyone! CD - saxophones, bass guitar, backup vocals


KATIEE - Out All Night LP (Selfish Agenda) - alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, synthesizers, percussion, arrangements

Sunwatchers - S/T LP/CD (Castle Face) - alto saxophone

Jeff Tobias - Some cassette (Soap Library) - saxophones, percussion, synthesizer, piano, compositions

Joe Sidney - 么么 cassette - ripper alley saxophone on "Bubble Bath Party"

Wave 16 - Lyracists (ViBe Songmakers) - bass guitar, arranging


KATIEE - Passersby 7" (Selfish Agenda) - alto saxophone, synthesizer

Colin L Orchestra - Continuum - bass guitar on "I'm At War When I Go Out The Door"

Uppertiers - Demilitarized Tropes - baritone saxophone on "I Got My 3rd Eye" and "Torrents"

Disparation - FAITE - alto saxophone on "Border" and "Drift"

Dead Elephant Bicycle - Lights - alto saxophone

SIRENS - The Perfect Door - epic/endless saxophone on "WIN/WIN (The Perfect Door)"


Sunwatchers - Tomb Howl cassette (Sunwatcher Records) - alto saxophone, synthesizer

Amen Dunes - Love CD/LP (Sacred Bones) - baritone saxophone on "White Child"

KATIEE - Sudden Fear cassette (Sunwatcher Records) - alto saxophone, synthesizer, baritone saxophone

Twisted Talent - Anthems (ViBe Songmakers) - baritone saxophone, alto saxophone, piano, synthesizer, percussion



The New Sound of Numbers - Invisible Magnetic LP (Cloud) - bass guitar

Happy Jawbone Family Band - Happy Jawbone Family Band CD/LP (Mexican Summer) - alto saxophone on "Bone Deep"

Colin L. Orchestra - Show Your Work - alto saxophone on "No Words"

NYMPH - New Millennium Prayer CD/LP (Northern Spy) - alto saxophone

Faster Circuits - Tunes of Glory cassette (Cloud/Hope for the Tape Deck) - electric guitar and alto saxophone

Sean Nicholas Savage - Other Life CD/LP (Arbitus) - alto saxophone on "She Looks Like You"

CSC Funk Band - Funkincense LP (Electric Cowbell) - baritone saxophone

Quiet Hooves - A Taste of Savage: His Pupils Sing His Music (Arbitus) - alto saxophone on "Heart Wish"


Bubbly Mommy Gun - Sand Roses CD-R (Party Party Partners) - alto saxophone

Days of Beyond Thunder - Triple Evil/Live Aid (Party Party Partners) - alto saxophone

Arthur Doyle & His New Quiet Screamers - Clandestine Cassette Series Vol. 4 cassette (Northern Spy) - alto saxophone

Nutritional Peace - Live Sets and Singles - alto saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizer, xylophone, programming

Hurricanes of Love - Hurricanes of Love/Invisible Circle Split LP (Frank & Dave Records) - alto saxophone

Quiet Hooves - Stallin' CD-R (Party Party Partners) - baritone saxophone


Pegasuses-XL - Psychic Entourage (Ernest Jenning) - vocals, synthesizer, electric guitar, bass guitar, programming, percussion, alto saxophone

Nutritional Peace - Wuxtry Records Record Store Day Compilation LP (Wuxtry) - alto saxophone, alto xylophone, synthesizer

Grape Soda - "Not Mine" cassette (Lillerne Tape Club) - bass guitar


Cars Can Be Blue - We Made a Record!!!!! What Did You Do? LP (Wuxtry) - bass guitar

Mouser - Storm Dumps CD-R (Party Party Partners) - alto saxophone

Orthopedics - AUX Vol. 2: Experimental Sound from Athens GA CD (AUX) - synthesizer


Pegasuses-XL - Electro Agitators CD (Ernest Jenning/Human Interest) - synthesizer, vocals, percussion

Memory Gospel Dancers - We Got It For Chirp, Vol. 1 CD-R - synthesizer, bass guitar, MPC sampler

Dark Meat - When the Shelter Came 7" (Emergency Umbrella) - alto saxophone

Dark Meat - Truce Opium CD/LP (Emergency Umbrella) - alto saxophone, backing vocals


Pegasuses-XL - The Antiphon CD/LP (Ernest Jenning/Asbetos) - bass guitar, vocals, synthesizer, programming, piano, percussion

Birds of Avalon / Dark Meat - (Your) Lucky Day / One More Trip 7" (Volcom) - alto saxophone

We Versus the Shark - Dirty Versions CD (Hello Sir/Smalltown America) - bass guitar, vocals, synthesizer

Cars Can Be Blue - Doubly Unbeatable CD (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) - bass guitar

We Versus the Shark - Murmurmur (Quote Unquote) - bass guitar, vocals, synthesizer, programming, percussion


of Montreal - Icons, Abstract Thee CD (Polyvinyl) - alto saxophone on "Du Og Meg"

Bomb the Music Industry! - Get Warmer CD/LP (Quote Unquote) - backing vocals

We Versus the Shark - EP of Bees EP/We Wanted a New Government, Not Odd Time Signatures CD/DVD (Hello Sir) - bass guitar, vocals, synthesizer, percussion

Pegasuses-XL - Third EP CD-R (Quote Unquote/Happy Happy Birthday To Me) - synthesizer, vocals

Hope for Agoldensummer - Ariadne Thread CD (self-released) - alto saxophone on "Old Questions"

Orthopedics - Deeded to Itself: Athens Southernoise CD (Thor's Rubber Hammer Productions) - synthesizer, tapes


Dark Meat - Universal Indians CD/LP (Orange Twin/Vice) - alto saxophone, backing vocals

Pegasuses-XL - The Midnight Aquarium CD-R (Quote Unquote) - synthesizer, vocals, programming

Pegasuses-XL - XL CD-R (Quote Unquote) - synthesizer, vocals, percussion


We Versus the Shark - Ruin Everything! CD (Hello Sir) - bass guitar, vocals, organ, synthesizer, percussion


We Versus the Shark - Split EP w/ Cinemechanica and Maserati CD (Hello Sir) - bass guitar, vocals, organ, percussion


J Sidney Ensemble - Whatever You Want CD-R (self-released) - alto saxophone, backing vocals

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