Raise the Minimum Wage, You Heartless Fascists (2014)

For percussion, synthesizer and cassettes
Commissioned by Alex Smith

May 2014

Serene Clientele (2011).

For percussion, synthesizer and saxophones
Video by Julian Bozeman

From cassette release "Some"
Released via Soap Library April 2016
May 2011

Fire & Rain (2011)


For alto saxophone and mixed instruments
Performed by Nutritional Peace
January 2012 asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf

Sunwatchers - "Ape Phases"

Dave Harrington (upright bass), Jim McHugh (phin), Jason Robira (drums), Jeff Tobias (alto saxophone) • vid by Johnny Burma
Trans Pecos, Queens NY
December 2013

Sunwatchers - "Nose Beers"

Peter Kerlin (bass guitar), Jim McHugh (phin), Jason Robira (drums), Jeff Tobias (alto saxophone/keys) • vid by Michael Kiefer
Three Sheets, New Haven CT
June 2017

Sunwatchers - "Moon Changes"

Jim McHugh (guitar), Jason Robira (drums), Jeff Tobias (alto saxophone), Peter Kerlin (bass guitar), Maxx Katz (flute) • vid by Sallah Baloch
Magnolia House, Charlottesville VA
April 2016

Halloween, Lower Manhattan

For synthesizer and alto saxophone
Soundtrack to documentary footage of New York City Two days after Hurricane Sandy
October 2012


Metadata 2012-2013 (2014)

For percussion soloist and mixed instruments
As part of the ongoing Drones Against Drones project
April 2014
April 2014


Secret Project Robot, June 2012
As part of TROUBLE's "You Are Here" Maze
Nickle Emmett, Matthew McDermott, Jim McHugh, Rob Peterson, Jason Robira, Eri Shoji, Jessica Stathos, Thom Strickland

Pegasuses-XL - "Pixilated Flowers"

Reunion at The Grand Victory, July 2013
Blaze Bateh (drums), Joel Hatstat (synthesizer/vocals), Jeff Rosenstock (synthesizer/vocals), Jeff Tobias (synthesizer/vocals)

The New Sound of Numbers - "Luminous September"

Flicker Theatre, August 2010
John Fernandes (violin), Vanessa Hay (perc.), Hannah Jones (guitar/vocals), William Kennedy (perc.), Greg O'Connell (drums), Kay Stanton (perc.), Kathryn Refi (perc.), Jeff Tobias (bass)

We Versus the Shark - "Hello Blood"

The 40 Watt Club, June 2008
Luke Fields (guitar), Samantha Paulsen (guitar/vocals), Scott Smith (drums), Jeff Tobias (bass/vocals)