Composed Works

Never Odd Or Even (2015)
Electronic score for a play in three acts, conceived and performed by Title: Point
Premiered September 2015
Duration ~55:00

The Bruise (2014)
For string quartet and percussion
Premiered December 2014
Duration 5:30

Unkempt Embankment (2014)
For alto saxophone, electric guitar, organ, synthesizer and violin
Premiered October 2014
Duration 3:10

Various Romantic Arrangements (2014)
Late 19th century/early 20th century piano works by Ives, Liszt, Schumann, Schubert arranged for alto saxophone and upright bass
Premiered August 2014

Florida Lucid Dreaming #2 (2014)
For mixed horns, strings, winds and voices
Written for Make Music NY in collaboration with Dave Ruder
Premiered June 2014
Duration ~15:00

Hide (2014)
For mezzo-soprano and piano
Duration 4:23

Questionnaire (2014)
For cello, singer, speaker and vibraphone
Duration ~5:00

Raise the Minimum Wage, You Heartless Fascists (2014)
For microcassette tapes, percussion and synthesizer
Commissioned by Alex Smith
Premiered April 2014
Duration 3:45

Drones Against Drones: Metadata 2012-2013 (2014)
For percussion soloist and mixed instruments
Premiered April 2014
Duration ~9:00

Circling (2014)
For six acoustic guitars
Written for Brooklyn College Guitar Ensemble
Premiered April 2014
Duration [length]

Unsafe (2013)
For microcassette tapes and alto saxophone
Duration 4:16

Hex (2013)
For organ, percussion and synthesizer
Premiered December 2013
Duration 4:27

How'd It Get Burned? (2013)
For electronic playback
Premiered October 2013
Duration 3:43

Lex (2013)
For accordion, clarinet, guitar, flute, mezzo-soprano and vibraphone
Commissioned by Sweat Lodge
Premiered May 2013
Duration 5:56

No Kickstand (2013)
For mixed percussion
Written for Brooklyn College Percussion Ensemble
Premiered May 2013
Duration 4:05

Crown Heights Rooftop Drone (2012)
For alto saxophone and organ
Premiered March 2013
Duration 20:04

Rex (2012)
For cello, organ, percussion, sampler and violin
Premiered February 2013
Duration 6:25

Well, Mr. Tobias, It Appears You're a Free Man (2012)
For piano and vibraphone
Premiered December 2012
Duration 5:09

Game Night Shymalan (2012)
For electronics and percussion
Written in collaboration with Matthew Gantt
Premiered October 2012
Duration 5:35

Reality Games (2012)
For electric guitar, percussion, piano and toy keyboard
Premiered May 2012
Duration 4:52

Fire & Rain (2011)
For amplified saxophone, percussion and mixed instruments
Premiered January 2012
Duration 5:55

Scott Horse Lee (2011)
For amplified saxophone, percussion and mixed instruments
Premiered October 2011
Duration 7:18

Antarctica (2011)
For amplified saxophone, percussion and mixed instruments
Premiered August 2011
Duration 6:18

Rainbow EKG (2011)
For amplified saxophone, percussion and mixed instruments
Premiered April 2011
Duration 3:53

There Are Weapons You Can Bring to School (2011)
For amplified saxophone
Duration ~12:00

Baritones (2011)
For alto saxophone, autoharp, baritone saxophone, percussion, synthesizer
Duration 6:34


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